new memory keeper books in the etsy shop…


i thought i’d share with you the memory keeper books that i make, i hand make them from scratch, including the binding.

here is a photo of the front…


here is the description i use when selling them, i thought it would help you understand it a bit better!

the memory keeper books are for storing treasured photo’s and memorabilia. it has lots of space for all those special images. 10 sides of pretty, good quality papers and each page has 4 pull out photo mats, just pull at the semi circle on the side of the page and voila – lots and lots of space, 20 extra pages!

in addition there are 12 further photo mats that pull out and fold out to hold pictures, journaling, ticket stubs or anything you wish to look back on with fondness.

you can slide in menus from your favourite restaurants, tickets, programmes, travel memorabilia etc. – just have fun and fill it to the brim with happiness.

the book closes with a long length of good quality grosgrain ribbon so you can stuff the book full. the more the books are filled and used the better they become.

inside this book I have clipped in 4 decorated envelopes that can hold little secrets away from prying eyes! Plus a miniature envelope too.

I love to make little tags and embellishments for the book and hanging keys on it too.

They make a stunning unique gift, you can even start their book for them by popping in a handwritten note. Or be utterly selfish and buy one for yourself.

dimensions: W 6.5″ H 5″ D 1.75″

here’s a link to the book

be prepared for a TON of close up shots of each page…


i told you there were a lot ha!

i’ve been making these for years and i love them!i hope you’ve enjoyed looking at them too.

thanks for having a look and please leave a comment!

you can find me on




’til next time

C x




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