2016 – it’s a wrap!


ok, bit of a different share for you today, but i have something i need to say…….

‘my name is caroline free and i am a plannerholic’ – there i said it loud and proud HA!

soooo my planner of choice throughout 2016 was the heidi swapp ‘hello beautiful’ planner in the a5 size, you can find them here.

the same brand also do a cardboard folder for storing your filled pages, you can find them here – i mean look at the gorgeous black and white stripes, heaven.

i thought i’d share some pictures of my full to bursting completed planner in it’s storage binder, it is sooooooo fabulous to look back on, and the whole process of adding pretty embellishments is such a treat for me…





here are a few examples of the pages, you can see that i add in bit’s and pieces in between the diary pages, these can be from restaurants, embellishment packs that i love, or sometimes i add in envelopes with hidden notes in too…


i can honestly say that i used to look at people who kept planners as strange, why not just keep a diary, but now i get it! the pleasure it brings, the organisation of it, the memory keeping aspect is sooooo much fun.


i’m so glad i started this and yes, i’m already on to my planning for this year, but with some twists. i’ll do a blog share about that too.

thanks for stopping by and let me know if this was interesting or not as it’s a bit different for me – please leave me a comment, i love to hear from you.

you can find me on




’til next time

C x

16 thoughts on “2016 – it’s a wrap!

  1. Love it! I haven’t got a planner but have always been tempted to start. I used to buy diaries, use them for a couple of months then revert back to my phone. Love the photographs ans the fact you keep memorabilia in here too. X

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    1. I love having a paper copy and use my selphy printer to take pics. It’s amazing how many times I go back and check a date or for info etc. I see it as me time, a self indulgent task that takes me away from the world for 15 mins a day, heaven! C x


  2. This is gorgeous, Carolyn!! Looks like a book jammed packed with bits and pieces of scrappy goodness! I really need to attempt a years planner. I have 7 kiddies and love organization! How did you take your photos? What sort of set up did you have? I love how the planner was the star of the photo and there was only a whitespace all around. Not a thing to distract!! I would love to photograph my art pieces like this, rather then cropping so I only have my layout on the page. Any tips would be appreciated! Thanks πŸ™‚ -Sarina

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    1. Hiiiiiii, I need to do a blog post on it really, but I have a large photography lamp over a white table against a white wall, I use my proper camera and then just lighten them on my mac and crop too. If I take a pic on my mobile I use an amazing app called colorstory it has loads of pre loaded settings that are great! I will deffo do a blog post on it! C x


    1. It’s addictive, I have some new stuff for this year. I’ll do my Heidi Swapp one again but have also got another couple on the go for different things, totally different style but LOVE them. I’ll do a blog post on them very soon! C x

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  3. Having only just restarted using a planner in 2016, my husband asked me last night, during yet another violent TV film, what are you looking at NOW? He is so used to me being on my IPad, but I was choosing which colour of To Do sticker to stick in for the next day. I have no idea why they are so visually, and mentally satisfying, but they are πŸ˜πŸ˜‹πŸ˜œ

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    1. I know, it’s so satisfying to do it and really has helped me plan better and it’s somewhere to store little moments that would otherwise be forgotten. Plus it’s pretty, let’s face it HA! I use my papers left from kits and so don’t buy much for it C x


  4. Your planner is lovely and so full to the brim with gorgeousness! I got a little organiser this year and I’m treating it as a planner, then said if I keep it up I’ll get a proper one next year. I’m loving it!! Makes me feel so organised. I may also have already bought the most beautiful pink leather planner from the M&S sale yesterday too for next year haha oops! X

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    1. Hannah I love doing it! I just decorate the pages at the start of each month with a basic style, then add in little notes and stickers from the kit that I have left over, it’s great for scraps and so satisfying! It becomes a habit, and if I don’t have much on a day I just pop in something pretty HA! C x
      Good Luck with yours, pink leather planner sounds gorgeous – post a pic in the group! C x


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