please be gentle with this heart of mine…

hi everyone

do you ever think, i need a change? something to get your teeth into. don’t get me wrong i adore making pages and books but occasionally i fancy a little project.

i’ve had a pack of teeny tins in my cupboard and during my latest de stash i stumbled upon them and my mind got whirring HA! so the tin began….

i wish i’d taken pictures during the different stages, but i will when i do my next one. for me it was important that it could be hung up and stay open; so i used my cropodile to make two teeny holes in the top of the tin.

i painted the whole tin in white acrylic, in quite a messy way as i wanted it to look a bit battered and worn, making strokes in different directions. using my heat gun in between coats (don’t hold it too close or it bubbles the paint, unless you want that look). in total i did 2 coats and then i used some gold rub and buff, applying it with my fingers.


the lining of the tin was so easy, i just drew around the top and the bottom of the tin and then cut inside the line. i wasn’t bothered for it being perfect, that was the look i was going for. the papers i used were mainly from crate paper from my like for ever kit this month called smitten. i fussy cut the hearts out and using a hot glue gun i attached them in a folded shape for more dimension, again, i knew i wanted the tin to stay open so i decorated the centre section too.


using my printer and a gorgeous font called messy type i used some song lyrics from a feargal sharkey song in the 80s called a good heart (LOVE IT)

i added some enamel dots to the hearts and some glittered hearts from my kit. the final part was to make a hanging wire, the only one i had was silver so i added some more gold rub and buff and ta da!!!!!


i really hope you like it and have a go yourself – so easy and fun!

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’til next time

C x

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