sweetheart – you have my whole heart

hi everyone

i have a new layout today using the crate paper – hello love collection

this is the same collection as my last layout, it’s meant to be a valentine/love themed collection but i like the colours and the patterns and they fit really well with this photograph.

i knew i wanted a snowflake design but i wasn’t in the mood to use my silhouette cameo cutting machine so I had to think – yikes! in the end i just ‘had a go’ at drawing a snowflake…… (excuse the first two photograph quality, bad light!)


i then took numerous papers from the collection and cut them into approx half an inch, using my scissors as i wanted an uneven edge. then i tore them into smaller pieces so that the lovely white core of the papers showed, again adding to the slightly scruffy look.

i placed them roughly where i wanted them on the paper


i wanted to stitch the papers so that i could rough them up even more and create dimension BUT there was no way i was going to try to do this without a thing line of glue holding the pieces in place

<<<TIP 1 >>> use only a small make sure that you let the glue dry before you attempt to run it through the sewing machine, otherwise your needle will just become sticky and useless!

once i had sewn all of the snowflake i took time to rough up the edges

<<<TIP 3 >>> use a craft knife (i keep a blunt one that i use for this sort of job!) to lift/tease up the edges so you can get your nail underneath

gorgeous dimension!


once all that was done i just added groups of embellishments. i didn’t want a large title so i used the sweetheart banner and the tag ‘you have my whole heart’ as a subheading.


using mister huey in white i sprinked a generous amount, added some matching enamel dots and it was done.

this is such an easy layout to do – have a go

here is the final layout….


i hope you like it and please leave a comment

’til next time

C x


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