acorn avenue layout five……


is it wrong to say that i was chuffed to bits with this layout?!

the background was done using acrylic paint from martha stewart that i did a feint ombre effect with by adding a little white to orange. i just painted it on in a fairly thick layer straight on to the card stock. whilst that was wet i cut some STUNNING victorian lace i had been hoarding to size and laid it over the wet paint so that would act as an adhesive.


then using watercolour paints i splashed and dripped that on to the layout and tipped, turned and generally did everything to let the drips run in different angles with a kind of violet colour and some of the watered down acrylic paint i had already used to create the block colour.



then did a little layering and tucking in of some of the pretty embellishments that came in this months like for ever acorn avenue kit.


this layout came together very quickly as i had an idea i wanted to achieve and for once it came out just as i thought it would HA!

’til next time………

C x

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