how exciting, my first blogpost!

hi and welcome to the blog.

i have a bit of an unusual situation in that i want to blog about two totally different loves of mine:

the first is vintage and retro. i have always been a collector of all sorts of random bits and bobs and i think it would be fun to show you some of my own personal collections. i also deal in vintage and retro and will regularly keep you up to date of any gorgeous new finds, occasionally i will focus in on a particular area. i just love it and hope that some of you will love it too!

the second is my total and utter addiction to paper. i make handmade books that i sell at fairs and on the website. i also make garlands and banners. more recently i have started ‘project frillies’. my lovely friend louise has twin girls called lily and freya, honestly, they are amazing. soooooo project frillies started because i wanted to document their lives so they can look back and see how much they are loved and they can see themselves grow and recall memories. I get a chance to ‘play’ with paper and their mum writes little notes for them (I sneek in a few too) and she can date them and give the details. the books are a secret, the frillies will be given them when they are 18. sooooooo come along for the ride and i hope you enjoy them too.

please let me know if you ever want me to focus on anything more – or less! I want readers to enjoy this blog, in fact that’s the whole point. C x

3 thoughts on “how exciting, my first blogpost!

  1. Woohoo! You did it! Look forward to all that you’re going to share in the future Caroline. Watch out world – Caroline’s coming! Xx


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