a little bit more about me……


hello again. just so you know who it is that’s typing, here I am! i really don’t like having photos taken at all, so you won’t be seeing many of this pictures.

i live in North Wales in the UK in a gorgeous seaside town called llandudno but that wasn’t always the case. i am proud to say that I am a yorkshire girl through and through having lived until 5 years ago in huddersfield – yes the place with the funny name!

when i left school i planned to go to art college and got a place but during the summer i took part in a play-scheme supporting children with disabilities and just loved it, so much so that I took the first of many courses in youth and community work, community education etc. and there followed 22 years of working in that field and for the most part i loved it. however…………

at around this time I met my lovely partner aldo, he lived in llandudno, so after some time i upped sticks and moved to be with him. there wasn’t a lot of work going in the area at a level i was used to and/or you had to be able to speak welsh (which i can’t) so i took the decision to set up business on my own. this is when tillyandarthur (formerly lilpeonydesigns) was born. the business has two different sides to it – firstly the vintage and retro and secondly handmade memory keeper books, garlands, banners etc. but – on the blog i will be taking an awful lot about the frillies project, more of that in the next post!

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